Our Beliefs,
Vision & Mission

Riverview exists to proclaim the liberating power of the Gospel as we grow, serve, and go.

Our Vision

We believe that Jesus Christ has set us free from the eternal consequences, guilt, and power of sin. No longer enslaved to our own sinful desires,

  • we are set free to walk in step with the truth of the Gospel;
  • we no longer live for ourselves, but for the name of Jesus, for the glory of God the Father, through the power of the Holy Spirit;
  • we will proclaim this message of freedom until every man, woman, and child in the Greater-Lansing area has repeated opportunities to hear and respond to Jesus;
  • we will plant churches throughout the state of Michigan, proclaiming the message of the Gospel from there to our nation and world.

Our Beliefs

Our Mission

  • We do not retreat from culture, but use discernment so as not to compromise the Gospel.
  • We cannot isolate ourselves and families from the evil in this world, nor from other believers with whom we may disagree.
  • We believe that the order of creation determines roles of masculinity and femininity based on our sex. We believe that God revealed himself as Father, and is to be honored by that name.
  • We believe marriage is an institution created by God that involves the union of one man and one woman in permanent sacred fidelity. This belief does not, however, allow for bigotry or hate, which are sinful attitudes.
  • We do not believe in Open Theism (that God doesn’t know the future), nor Universalism (that in the end, all people will be saved).
  • We are not nationalists, only desiring one nation to improve. The church has no political affiliation or agenda. Though, individuals in the church may participate in the political governing process to pass laws that are just and moral.
  • We are not moralists, only trying to make people “good.” We are evangelists laboring to bring the Gospel to people so that they may be saved.
  • We believe Satan and demons are created beings who have fallen, and are now enemies of God. Though they are presently at work in the world, in the end they are all subject to God. We believe that the preaching and propagation of the Gospel is the church’s mandate to defeat the forces of evil.

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